Did Viola Get With Doflamingo?

The relationship between Doflamingo and Viola was described by Oda as “romantic”. Due to Viola’s identity, it is highly unlikely that she consented to the act. One Piece’s underlying darkness was evident in this case. There were not many fans who noticed, but those who did were undoubtedly disturbed.

Did Doflamingo Sleep With Viola?

As Oda confirmed in sbs 83, Doffy and Viola had been together since the beginning, so they called each other’s pets.

Is Viola In Love With Sanji?

Sanji and Viola have actually kissed on screen, despite the speculation over their relationship. Sanji was even able to run away with Viola after she convinced her to abandon the Straw Hats and run away with her.

Does Doflamingo Love His Family?

Despite knowing Doflamingo’s plan – a normal disasterous revenge – the family remains loyal to him. Vergo,damn, Monet – all members [excluding dear Baby 5, since we were shown her specific case x’ “] are willing to die for him, even without him asking them for that.

Is Doflamingo A Virgin?

In fact, Doflamingo is surprised when he learns that his partner is a virgin. The fact that his partner was a virgin made him crave them even more, knowing that he still had to claim another part of their character.

How Old Is Don Quixote Doflamingo?

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Do We Ever See Doflamingo’s Eyes?

In One Piece, the character is seen wearing a couple of different pairs of sunglasses, but never without them, and creator Eiichiro Oda finally revealed what the pirate had underneath his glasses.

Is Pudding In Love With Sanji?

As it turns out, she fell in love with Sanji because of his kindness and being the first person to ever say something nice about her third eye (and only). However, she continued to assist Sanji and the Straw Hats even as she became the “evil Pudding” persona in her own right.

Who Married Sanji?

Charlotte Pudding was also proposed to by Sanji, although they had already been married and he only did it to put an end to their relationship. Luffy has repeatedly proposed marriage to Boa Hancock, but he always turns her down.

Does Doflamingo Really Care About His Family?

Family. I shall forgive you, so I forgive you. I embraced death as I forgave my father and brother. Doflamingo also cared for his father Homing and brother Rosinante, before Homing forfeited their World Noble status and Rosinante betrayed him, which led Doflamingo to kill them and view them with contempt as well.

Who Is Doflamingo Love?

Doffy And Viola: 10 Doflamingo: Doffy And Viola According to Oda, Doflamingo and Viola had a “romantic” relationship. Due to Viola’s identity, it is highly unlikely that she consented to the act. One Piece’s underlying darkness was evident in this case.

Does Doflamingo Care About Baby 5?

In a lesser extent, Law and Rosinante. In praising them, he shows concern for their wellbeing, lets Baby 5 attack him in anger without firing or killing her, and calls them his “true family” when he speaks of his brother’s betrayal.

Who Did Doflamingo Slept With?

Oda revealed in the latest SBS that Doffy and Viola had an “adult relationship”.

Is Doflamingo A Sadist?

In One Piece, Doflamingo is a sadist who enjoys taking pleasure in people’s suffering.

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