A Look Into How Musicians Pass On Their Royalties Once They Are Gone

A Look Into How Musicians Pass On Their Royalties Once They Are Gone

In the same way, you can leave your house, car, and other personal belongings to whomever you want, musicians too can pass on their royalties once they’re gone.

However, a valid will is required to make it happen upon your death. You should specifically state the beneficiary of royalties to ensure your chosen organization or person gets it once you’re gone.

It is important to sit down with your lawyer while drafting the will to make sure that you’re clear about what you’re leaving. Also, to make everything clear about your assets and wealth.

Let’s dig deeper as to how exactly musicians pass on their royalties once they’re gone.

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What are Music Royalties?

Music royalties are compensation received by musicians in exchange for licenses used for their recorded music.

These are usually paid by TV channels, radio stations, streaming platforms, and beyond. Sometimes users pay out the royalties directly to the rights holder.

There are different types of royalties and even the same type of royalty can be paid differently which makes such a topic somewhat complicated.

The rates for each type of music royalty vary and the payment processing in every country is different too.

For a better view, here are some types of music royalties along with their brief description:

Types of Royalties  Description 
Streaming Royalties  Streaming royalties are primarily monetized through selling records. 
Neighboring Rights (and Royalties)  Performing artists and their labels are paid when their recorded music is used in some ancillary activities.  
Digital Performance Royalties  Rights holders are paid depending on how often their music is played.  
Sync Licensing Fees  Sync licensing fees are paid out when an artist’s recorded music is synced to ads, movies, TV shows, and other content. 
Public Performance Royalties  These are royalties to be collected when recorded music is used or played in a commercial environment.  
Mechanical Royalties  Mechanical royalties are paid when a copyrighted composition is distributed digitally or physically.  


As you can see, royalties are quite an extreme topic to discuss. For that reason, musicians should consult a music lawyer to deal with issues that surround the music industry.

Who gets royalties when a musician dies?

Generally speaking, the living spouse or surviving children inherit the royalties of a deceased musician. However, it depends on what is written in the valid will.

In some cases, a chosen organization or institution gets royalty rights.

Music royalties are treated like any other intangible asset owned jointly, held in trust, or transferred by gift or at death, and so on.

Royalties are paid for 70 years since the musician’s death. That is why the musician’s beneficiary can live off on royalty fees their entire lives.

Failing to settle who gets your music royalty can potentially become an issue after the musician’s death.

For instance, there is a legal battle on who gets the music fortune of the famous superstar and “Purple Rain” Prince. His sudden death complicates not only estate settlement but also his music earnings.

As a result, one-third of his assets are being controlled by parties who are not related to him.

How are royalties split between band members?

Royalties can be split evenly between band members. Anyone involved in the creation of music is considered an author and royalties should be split in a manner that reflects everyone’s contribution.

At this point, a music lawyer can help deal with splitting the royalties between band members to ensure everyone gets a fair share.

Besides, a music lawyer can also help make sense of the bonuses and dividends accumulated from participating life insurance policy if you have any.

But what is a participating life insurance policy?

It is a type of insurance policy that allows the policyholder to share the profits of an insurance company. The profits are shared in the form of bonuses and dividends, also known as a with-profit policy.

If you’re a musician who wants to invest big in insurance policies, the participating insurance life policy is worth it!


The process of bequeathing music royalties to beneficiaries can be quite overwhelming. For that reason, getting professional help is necessary to ensure things are done correctly.

There are different types of royalties for music and each one of them is paid out differently depending on your location.

It is worth digger deeper into this to give you an idea of how things work or how you’ll get paid as a beneficiary.

In most cases, the living spouse and children get the royalty rights for music after a musician passed away. They will receive the royalty fees for the next 70 years!

Most importantly, a valid will stating the beneficiary of royalties is needed to make sure a musician is leaving his music inheritance to the right person or institution.

For that reason, you need the lawyer’s help!

How Hip-Hop Is Getting America Moving Again

How Hip-Hop Is Getting America Moving Again

Amongst the many things the world lost during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic is the ability to switch off and dance amongst our peers. Before the widespread availability of tests and vaccinations, governments had no choice but to limit the interactions citizens could have with each other, outlawing live music for months to come.

But that is in the past, and the USA is charging forward with releasing its citizens back into the wilderness of real-life, and the world music scene is finally starting to recover.

Along with this, a lot of genres which had fallen out of the public conscience over the past few years have come back in full force. Today I will be discussing how my top genre – Hip-Hop – is waking up the people of America and bringing us all back together.

Not Always What You Think

Hip-Hop has come a long way since its inception in the Bronx almost 40 years ago. To the chagrin of many hardcore fans, the genre has come a long way since its birth as the sole voice of downtrodden African-Americans in the ghettos of New York, with hip-hop now being a regular feature of chart-topping songs across the globe.

In strict defiance of public opinion, hip-hop is not all about guns, money and women. Sure, Army of the Pharaohs might love weaponry and the Wu-Tang Clan mention women as much as they talk about Marvel Comics, but this is rarely the point and definitely isn’t representative of the genre.

It’s All About Funk

While many modern hip-hop artists may seem to have forgotten this, the genre was born from the many rhythm-focused, counter-cultural genres popular amongst the black community in the twilight of the 20th century. With elements of disco, funk and jazz intertwined into drum-heavy backing tracks and essentially beat poetry on top, hip-hop has always had a keen focus on beats you can bop to.

Even over here on the West Coast where our hip-hop adopts a low-key, more chilled-out vibe, hip-hop stands out as a genre with a strong identity and an even stronger drumline. Importantly, this music still translates very well to the dance floor.

It’s For Everyone!

A lot of people are hesitant to allow hip-hop into their life, with a long history of the genre splitting opinion down the middle into those who are all for it and those who refuse to listen to any of it. As with any genre, there are artists who play to all types of audiences, from the hard beats of Herma Puma to the chilled, melodic tunes played by Aim!, there is something for everyone – especially if you love to dance!

Rhythm, No Blues

After months of being locked away, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have been storing a need to dance inside, and many have started developing anxieties around being released back into real life. This is where Hip-hop comes in to save everyone.

Due to hip-hop’s origins, the entire genre is deeply connected with hard-hitting drums and backing tracks which force the body to tap along to the beat. Once you allow yourself to ignore any subconscious prejudice you have against the genre and you join a crowd of like-minded people, you will quickly discover how impossible it is to not bounce to the beat!

Enjoy the Beat – Or Else!

Unlike a lot of other dance-focused genres, hip-hop maintains a raw aesthetic and borderline aggressive beat. This might not sound necessarily like a positive aspect of the genre, but after such a long time locked indoors, this is exactly what humanity needs – an audible force loud enough that you forget your anxieties and just give in to the beat.

Finally Real Life is Back

The last few months have been a tornado of hip-hop artists playing their first shows in a long time, with cancelled and delayed gigs finally getting played and dozens of artists a week announcing upcoming tours.

This is brilliant news for anyone interested in hip-hop and makes it incredibly easy to find a fun place to dance in orange county, with hip-hop-focused club nights happening almost every other night and acts like Hobo Johnson making their way to CA for the first time in over 2 years.

Now is the time for everyone to give hip-hop a try. If you’ve been nervous about mixing with other humans or have simply been nurturing a deep need to go out into the world and dance, join the rest of America and get yourself to a local hip-hop night, regardless of who’s DJing or playing a gig.

From Childish Gambino to Old Dirty Bastard, there is music to be enjoyed anywhere and by anyone in this genre, and now is a better time than any to get into it – a great night is just a (hip) hop, skip, and a jump away!

The Music Lover’s Guide To Kitting Out Your Car

The Music Lover's Guide To Kitting Out Your Car

A person’s car is their chariot. Like many things about a person, a car often reflects more of our personality than we realize. Some people even take this to extremes and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars customizing their cars. Fitting it with spinning rims, under-lights, and hydraulic suspension systems.

The Fast and the Furious movies are a great example of how diverse and colorful the world of car modifications actually is. But for someone just starting out, it can be a daunting prospect to kit out your car. Especially considering the hefty price tag associated with it.

But you don’t need to break the bank to make your car your own. And you don’t need all the spinning rims and neon lights either. You can go for a more practical and personal approach. So today we are going to be looking at how to kit out your car’s music set-up. We are thinking of music lovers and audiophiles with this, so it’ll be looking at the best of the best ideas.

  • Installing the Right Head Unit

The heart and soul of any car’s sound system is the Head Unit. Or in layman’s terms, the CD player. Not every head unit these days comes with a CD player either anymore. But most do. This is where everything connects to. Be that via Bluetooth or by traditional cables. So you want to make sure you have picked a good one.

When it comes to picking a good head unit you will need to look at its power. The greater its power output, the higher-quality sound it will produce. And you’ll be able to use better speakers in your car too. A weak power head unit will only work with weak power speakers. So make sure you have selected a powerful unit.

You’ll also want to make sure it has all the features you want. Chances are you will want Bluetooth connectivity so you can sync up to your phone. Plus you will most likely want Bass Assist and treble boost as well.

  • Make Sure you Get the Right Speakers

Speaking of speakers, you will want to ensure you have the perfect set to go with your head unit. A fancy head unit is all well and good, but with poor speakers, you will have essentially wasted all your money. The first thing to look at is the power of the speaker. Like the head unit, lower power means worse sound quality.

You also need to make sure it can actually fit into your car. I’ve seen hundreds of people hurry to buy a fancy speaker only to return it a week later because it didn’t fit at all. So make sure to measure up before you buy.

You’ll need quite a few speakers as well. Some in the front of your car and some in the back. The ones up front will produce the clearest sound, so these will want to be the best ones. But you can afford to go a little lower on the price range for the rear speakers.

  • Finding the Right Subwoofer

This one is for the true audiophiles and bass-heads amongst us. A subwoofer is a specialized speaker designed to boost lower frequency pitches. Most notably is its ability to boost the bass. You will still need main speakers, but having a few subwoofers is a great way to enhance your car’s sound system.

Subwoofers, due to being specialized, aren’t as cheap as regular speakers. But they are well worth the investment. You need to make sure you are buying a shallow mount subwoofer, as these are the ones designed for cars. For reference, these shallow mount subwoofer sound system reviews will give you a good idea of what to look out for.

Again, as with a speaker, you need to be aware of the power output/input for a subwoofer and how it compares to your head unit. A weaker unit will have weaker audio quality. But if you pick one with higher power needs than your head unit, chances are it won’t function at all.

Stepping Away From Soundcloud: The Most Popular Social Media Platforms Used by Musicians

Stepping Away From Soundcloud

There always seems like there is an ongoing joke when it comes to musicians and this is that they should get a real job and stop chasing the dream. In the past, becoming a success in the world of music was extremely rare, and to an extent it still is.

If we look back a few decades ago, to make it as a musician you would have to know the right people or be selected by a talent scout. This is no longer the case and it is unlikely that you will experience scouts hunting you down. These days there is a real fight to be noticed and you have to put yourself out there to be selected by someone that may sign you.

Since the introduction of commonly used technology, a lot of musicians have taken their talents online. If you are someone that is involved in the world of music or you know someone that is, then you have heard of a site called ‘Soundcloud’. For years, Soundcloud has been every musician’s go-to site, and it is where most people have been uploading the music that they have been making. A lot of people have found success while using Soundcloud and some artists that you listen to today were actually discovered on the site.

However, Soundcloud is no longer moving with the times and its users believe that it has fallen behind the music world. With the increased popularity of social media platforms, many musicians are moving over to social media. Social media allows them to engage with their viewers and also see exact responses to their content. But now that Soundcloud is losing its popularity, which social media platforms are these musicians now using to promote their work?


In the last year or so, there have been a lot of limitations put on the live shows that have been able to take place. For a lot of people, performing on the stage was their only source of income, so they had to find another way to make money during the lockdown season. Lots of performers chose to host their shows on Twitch, as Twitch allowed their fans to donate to them during their performances.

Though live shows are now allowed to take place, a lot of musicians have continued to perform via the Twitch website. We can understand why, as there is a lot of money to be made through the generosity of fans and there is also potential for sponsorship. Not every artist has the ability to take their skills on tour and so this using a streaming site like Twitch is a great way to get opportunities that some performers may never have the chance to. It is also a great way to get some practice in for anyone that is new to the world of performing and it only appears as though more musicians are going to continue to flock to the site.


For as long as there has been Soundcloud, there has been Youtube. Some of the most famous people in the world, such as Justin Bieber, all had their starts on Youtube. For years people have been uploading their music to Youtube, but in recent years there has been much more incentive to do so. There has been an increase in the amount of money that can be earned on Youtube and more and more companies are choosing to advertise on the site. If you create music that is not overly explicit, then you are in a good position to make some money on the site.

If you are someone that has always wanted to make a music video to go along with your song, then Youtube is the perfect platform to do so. The money that you may on a video is worked out based on the number of views that your videos get. If you want to encourage people to view your videos, then it is recommended that you Youtube Views kaufen. Buying views is a great way to make your video appear higher in people’s searches, which will only encourage more people to click on your video. It will also help you reach the point where you can make a bit of money from your talent.


Facebook has been used by musicians for some time now as a way to communicate with their fans. It is also a great way for them to promote any new music that they may have. In recent years, Facebook has added a feature that allows people to go live. This has been utilised by many musicians to perform to their fans, especially during the lockdown period. Facebook also allows you to host private shows, which means you can make a little bit of money while going online.


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