What Piece Did Frazier Play Air Violin?

In addition, the actor revealed that he plays several instruments, but none are particularly good. He prefers the piano over any other instrument: “It’s a

What Is The Best Hair Violin Bow?

The bow rehairers can choose from Siberian, Mongolian, Manchurian, Polish, and Argentinian horsehair; according to Joan Balter, a bow maker and repairer in Berkeley, California,

Does Violin Mean Small Viola?

Italian musicians developed the violin family in the 16th century. Violins are called “little violas”, violones are called “big violas” or bass violins, and violoncellos

Can You Restring Your Own Violin Bow?

String musicians who are prolific learn to rehair their bows independently, but most take their bows to professionals. It is not uncommon for violin bows