What Size Viola For A 9 Year Old?

Children between the ages of 6 and 10 can use this set with an arm length of 20 to 22 inches. Ages 9 to 11, with an arm length of 22 to 23 inches. 5 inches. Violins with an arm length of 23 inches or more are available in 4/4 or full size. There is a height requirement of 5 inches. Adults should wear this size.

What Size Viola Does My Child Need?

Approximate Age Range

Arm Measurement

Viola Size

9 – 12 years

23″ – 24.5″

14″ Viola

7 – 9 years

21.5″ – 22″

13″ Viola

6 – 7 years

20″ – 21.5″

12″ Viola

6 years and younger

Less than 20″

11″ Viola

How Do I Know What Size Viola To Buy?

The reverse side length of the viola is measured from the side of the button to the centre line at the base, which is the size of the viola. The maximum height of a viola is 16 to 1612 inches (40 cm). Generally, large-sized (between 6 and 42 cm) are suitable for most adults. There are two sizes of hidersine violas: standard and most commonly played.

What Is A Standard Size Viola?

There is no standard size for the viola body, but the most common size is 16″ long, and other typical sizes are 13″, 14″, and 15″. 5”, 14. 5”and 15. Less common are 5″ sizes. Youths often string their violins with viola strings so that they sound the same size and sound the same.

What Size Of Viola Should I Get?




9-12 years


10-12 years


Average adult


Large adult

How Do You Size A Viola For A Child?

You need to measure the number of inches from the middle of the left-hand palm to the top of the neck of a violin/viola student using a yardstick. As with a violin, the arm must be fully extended and raised perpendicular to the body.

What Is The Best Size Viola?

Student’s Age

Approximate Viola Size

8 to 12 years old


9 to 13 years old


13+ years old and small adult


14+ years old and average adult

15 1/2”

What Is The Best Size Violin For A 12 Year Old?




Overall length



21 inches (53.3 cm)

9 to 12 years old


22 to 22.5 inches (55.9 – 57 cm)



23 to 23.5 inches (58.4 – 59.7 cm)

11 years to adult

How Do You Size A Violin For A Child?

If the arm length of the violin is less than 16 inches (41 cm), you should try a 1/10 or 1/16 violin. If your child’s arm length is between 15–16 in (38-41 cm), you should use a 1/10 violin size. If your child’s arm length is between 14–15 inches (36-38 cm) and 1/16 inches, you should choose a 1/16 violin size. These are good sizes for children under 4 years old.

What Age Is A Full Size Violin?

A violin is either a full size or a fractional one. Children as young as age 10 play full size violins, while teens and adults play 3/4 and smaller instruments. The bow used matches the size of the instrument.

Which Violin Is Best For Beginners?

  • The Mendini MV300 violin is a classical violin.
  • This is the D Z Strad Model 101 violin.
  • The Cecilio CVN-300 violin is a classic.
  • Violin by Cremona, SV-175.
  • The Cecilio CVN-500 violin has a powerful sound.
  • The Mendini MV200 violin is a classical model.
  • Violin by Franz Hoffmann Amadeus.
  • The Bunnel Pupil Violin is made of high quality materials.
  • What Size Violin Should You Buy?

    There are nine different sizes of violins – the most popular are 1/4, 3/4, 1/2, and full (or 4/4). Pro-female violin makers make 3/4 sizes, but the size is difficult to find, so we recommend a 3/4 or full size, whichever is most comfortable for you.

    What Size Viola Do I Need As An Adult?

    Student’s Age

    Approximate Viola Size

    13+ years old and small adult


    14+ years old and average adult

    15 1/2”

    15+ years old and large adult


    What Sizes Do Violas Come In?

    A full-size viola measures between 15″ and 17″, and the average is 16″ long. It is important that you find the right size viola for your child with the help of a music dealer or teacher. The average size of a viola is 15″ to 16 12″, while the average size of a viola is 11″ to 14″ for younger children.

    How Much Does A Full Size Viola Cost?

    Most of the instruments are handcrafted, with pegs and fingerboards made of ebony. There is a wide range of prices between $500 and $10,000. The finest quality of wood is used in professional violas, which exude a rich tone and a wide range of dynamics. These are expensive works of art.

    What Is The Most Common Viola Size?

    When measured from the back, minus the neck, scroll, and end button, the most common adult size viola is 16″ long.

    Is A 14 Inch Viola Full Size?

    Violins of this size are the same length as violas of 14 inches. Put it under your chin, however. From front to back, it is deeper.

    How Do I Know What Size Viola To Get?

    As they play the instrument, place it under their chin, then have them fully extend their arm and wrap their hand around the scroll of the instrument (so that they can see the fingertips of their left hand as they play it). It is not necessary for them to wrap their fingers around the scroll completely, but they are ready for that size instrument.

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