What Do Feste And Viola Joke About?

Feste the clown is once again introduced, and once again we see that beneath his nonsense, he is intelligent as well. As a result of her conversation with Feste, Viola is inspired to comment on this: “This fellow is wise enough to play the fool, and to do that well, craves a kind of wit,” she says (III).

Why Do Viola And Feste Get Along?

The relationship between viola and feste seems to be so strong. They are both intelligent and witty. It is their understanding that makes them so compatible. Feste wishes Viola a beard (and she wants one, Orsino’s). While everyone else thinks he’s just a fool, Viola understands how smart Feste is.

Does Feste Know Cesario Is Viola?

Feste is believed to be almost an impertinent presence in some instances of the play. Feste may not be aware of Viola/Cesario’s disguise as much as he lets on, and certain stage and film adaptations have taken this approach with their portrayals of the fool.

What Does Feste Say To Orsino?

I enjoy singing, sir: I do. I’ll pay you my pleasure if you’re so kind.

Who Is The Most Foolish Character In Twelfth Night?

William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, or What You Will, features Sir Andrew Aguecheek as a comic character. Sir Andrew is a stereotypical fool who is goaded into a jealous rage with Cesario and who is slowly losing his money to Sir Toby Belch, one of the supporting characters.

What Does Feste Symbolize?

Feste is a Shakespearean baby name that means Twelfth Night, also known as ‘What You Will’, a clown, servant, and friend of Olivia.

Why Do Viola And Feste Seem To Get Along So Well Quizlet?

The relationship between viola and Feste seems to be so strong. There is no doubt that they are intelligent. Cesario keeps asking Olivia what she is so concerned about. Cesario thinks she is a good person, so she wants to know what he thinks.

How Is Viola Like Feste?

The two characters are similar in that they both live in Olivia’s and Orsino’s households, and they both travel between them. Feste plays Olivia’s clown or fool, while Viola pretends to be Orsino’s page. Feste provides more comic relief than either of them, though both characters are entertaining at times.

How Are Viola And Feste Similar Describe Two Ways In Which They Are Similar?

Feste is also portrayed as a shrewd and discreet person, much like Viola, who is close to both courts. The character of Viola is wise enough to play the fool, and to do so well requires a kind of wit, as she admits to herself.

What Does Feste Notice About Cesario?

In Act III, scene i Feste makes puns and jokes with him. Feste is given some coins by Cesario for his trouble because he jokes with similar skill and is good-natured. Cesario is now a member of Olivia’s family, as Feste announces his arrival.

How Well Does Viola Understand Feste?

In order for Feste to do what he does, Viola says he must be smart. It seems she understands him pretty well.

What Does Feste Say About Fools And Husbands?

It is better to be a witty fool than a foolish one. Feste’s most famous quote is this one, which summarizes his position perfectly in the play. In Feste’s view, it doesn’t mean that he is stupid just because he is employed as a fool. He may wear the motley of a jester, but he is a man of the world.

How Does Feste Mock Orsino?

Feste mocks Orsino by comparing his mind to opal, and saying he should wear taffeta, both of which change color in the sun (lines 80-85), even though Orsino identifies with the constant lover in the song.

What Does Duke Orsino Give Feste As A Tip?

Feste sings the mournful ballad for some money, and Orsino gives him some money, and then he leaves. As his father’s daughter loved a man with as much passion as Cesario himself could love Orsino – that is, if Cesario were a woman – he knows it must be so.

What Does Feste Say He Can Prove If Olivia Gives Him A Chance To?

Feste says he can prove if Olivia gives him a chance to. You have the right to prove that you are a fool with this permission.

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