Rise Of The K-Pop Stars In The Music World

We all can agree to the fact that music indeed is a universal language. If you love music, you would want to listen to it in any mood. Let’s just say that music makes us feel a lot of things. It can change your mood entirely and give you internal peace. We have possibly heard all kinds of music from all over the world. There is so much to explore when it comes to music. The world of music is vast, and there is no one point to stop. However, the K-Pop industry has managed to take over the world with its music. 

How did the K-Pop industry begin?

The K-Pop music industry has successfully become quite a global sensation. South Korea has spread madness in the entire world with its pop music. It all started in the year 1992 when the Korean wave in the musical world began. Since then, Korean pop culture has become quite prominent globally and gained more than enough popularity. 

In 1992, three boys started their band and performed on a live telecast of a Television show that was talent-based. It was something very new that the audience was witnessing for the first time. They loved them. Their Euro-pop, sync dance performance on stage, African American rap, and hip-hop, along with the Korean lyrics- all of it grabbed the attention of the whole world. This band almost started a revolution with their music as their songs reached the top charts within a few weeks. With this, the k-pop industry took birth. 

Why has K-Pop music been so popular lately?

Today, the K-pop industry has earned not only billions of audiences but also billions of profit. Two popular musical bands of South Korea that have currently conquered the entire world happens to be Blackpink and BTS. These two music bands have also been setting new records by performing at international stadiums in the US and UK. So, the Korean fan base quickly shifted to a global fan base in the later years, almost by 2008. The entire world today has whole-heartedly accepted Korean pop culture. Here are some of the major reasons why: 

1. Color and Creativity: K-Pop stars are known for their colourful personality. The creative wonder that they present on the stage. The popping colours and dazzling costumes are quite extraordinary and catchy. Their music videos are quite refined in makeup, effects, costumes, lighting, and other things. They also pay great attention to the vision and graphics. 

2. Storytelling: The music videos and songs of the K-Pop bands represent unique storytelling and a theme. These storylines reach the hearts of the audiences as they are quite moving. 

3. Synced Dance: Their synced dance performance is something you cannot miss. All the band members perform a dance routine attracting the audiences of this generation. 

4. Fashionable: The K-pop performers have been creating a fashion statement with their personality and costumes. Their real-life designed outfits are quite stylish and original. 

5. A Cultural Mix: K pop stars are highly talented- they can sing, dance, and act quite well. They work extremely hard to execute their music most successfully. Additionally, they also mix different cultures into their music performances. To bring their music closer to the western world, they even use English lyrics along with Korean. 

Know about the K Pop music bands

Let us now concentrate more on the two music bands for which the K-pop industry has gone so much in recent years as e have already discussed earlier that currently there are two existing South Korean pop bands- Blackpink and BTS. 

BTS – 

They are the Bangtan Boys, popularly known as BTS. This South Korean pop music band has seven members and was formed first in 2013. The young boys of this music band are Kim Naam-Joon, Min Yoon-gi, Kim Seok-jin, Jung-Ho-Seok, Kim-Tae-Hyung, Jeon-Jung-Kook, and Park-Ji-min. Millions of people all over the world are madly in love with this boy band in South Korea. 

They cover a variety of different genres while composing their music. Their music is primarily focused more on social and personal commentary. The themes of their songs revolve around the school youth, mental health, loss, troubles, and, most importantly, individualism. They also refer to psychological concepts and literature. Now you know why modern people love them so much. 

Blackpink – 

This South Korean girl music band, just like BTS, has also emerged as the most loved music band all over the world. They have become quite popular internationally. The members of this group are Lisa, Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie. Their debut was in 2016 with their first album named Square One. They are the first female pop band in South Korea and received international recognition back in 2018 with the highest ranking in the Billboard. So far, they have managed to produce only hit music and performed on the international stage. You cannot miss out on the performance of this powerful girl gang. K Pop music, however, is more than just these two popular music bands rising above and making a mark globally. It is also about the history they are creating with their huge fanbase. 

From nothing to today everything, they have come quite far and have not given up on their aim to achieve more. K-pop music is a different emotion for the people who intently listen to their songs and fall in love every single day. To describe the experience in a phrase- We are crazy for K-Pop. However, South Korea is also more than their K-pop music. They have covered so many different areas, just like other countries, when it comes to their music. K-Pop, nonetheless, has emerged to be quite the glorious one. This musical genre has not become obsolete and is still strong, managing to hold on to its roots. They are continuing to win the hearts of people without fail.