How Hip-Hop Is Getting America Moving Again

How Hip-Hop Is Getting America Moving Again

Amongst the many things the world lost during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic is the ability to switch off and dance amongst our peers. Before the widespread availability of tests and vaccinations, governments had no choice but to limit the interactions citizens could have with each other, outlawing live music for months to come.

But that is in the past, and the USA is charging forward with releasing its citizens back into the wilderness of real-life, and the world music scene is finally starting to recover.

Along with this, a lot of genres which had fallen out of the public conscience over the past few years have come back in full force. Today I will be discussing how my top genre – Hip-Hop – is waking up the people of America and bringing us all back together.

Not Always What You Think

Hip-Hop has come a long way since its inception in the Bronx almost 40 years ago. To the chagrin of many hardcore fans, the genre has come a long way since its birth as the sole voice of downtrodden African-Americans in the ghettos of New York, with hip-hop now being a regular feature of chart-topping songs across the globe.

In strict defiance of public opinion, hip-hop is not all about guns, money and women. Sure, Army of the Pharaohs might love weaponry and the Wu-Tang Clan mention women as much as they talk about Marvel Comics, but this is rarely the point and definitely isn’t representative of the genre.

It’s All About Funk

While many modern hip-hop artists may seem to have forgotten this, the genre was born from the many rhythm-focused, counter-cultural genres popular amongst the black community in the twilight of the 20th century. With elements of disco, funk and jazz intertwined into drum-heavy backing tracks and essentially beat poetry on top, hip-hop has always had a keen focus on beats you can bop to.

Even over here on the West Coast where our hip-hop adopts a low-key, more chilled-out vibe, hip-hop stands out as a genre with a strong identity and an even stronger drumline. Importantly, this music still translates very well to the dance floor.

It’s For Everyone!

A lot of people are hesitant to allow hip-hop into their life, with a long history of the genre splitting opinion down the middle into those who are all for it and those who refuse to listen to any of it. As with any genre, there are artists who play to all types of audiences, from the hard beats of Herma Puma to the chilled, melodic tunes played by Aim!, there is something for everyone – especially if you love to dance!

Rhythm, No Blues

After months of being locked away, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have been storing a need to dance inside, and many have started developing anxieties around being released back into real life. This is where Hip-hop comes in to save everyone.

Due to hip-hop’s origins, the entire genre is deeply connected with hard-hitting drums and backing tracks which force the body to tap along to the beat. Once you allow yourself to ignore any subconscious prejudice you have against the genre and you join a crowd of like-minded people, you will quickly discover how impossible it is to not bounce to the beat!

Enjoy the Beat – Or Else!

Unlike a lot of other dance-focused genres, hip-hop maintains a raw aesthetic and borderline aggressive beat. This might not sound necessarily like a positive aspect of the genre, but after such a long time locked indoors, this is exactly what humanity needs – an audible force loud enough that you forget your anxieties and just give in to the beat.

Finally Real Life is Back

The last few months have been a tornado of hip-hop artists playing their first shows in a long time, with cancelled and delayed gigs finally getting played and dozens of artists a week announcing upcoming tours.

This is brilliant news for anyone interested in hip-hop and makes it incredibly easy to find a fun place to dance in orange county, with hip-hop-focused club nights happening almost every other night and acts like Hobo Johnson making their way to CA for the first time in over 2 years.

Now is the time for everyone to give hip-hop a try. If you’ve been nervous about mixing with other humans or have simply been nurturing a deep need to go out into the world and dance, join the rest of America and get yourself to a local hip-hop night, regardless of who’s DJing or playing a gig.

From Childish Gambino to Old Dirty Bastard, there is music to be enjoyed anywhere and by anyone in this genre, and now is a better time than any to get into it – a great night is just a (hip) hop, skip, and a jump away!